Thursday, 4 February 2016


Welcome to 2016 and another big year for RocKwiz.

We will be recording seven new episodes between late February and April 
which will start screening on SBS in May 
so if you're not on the Kwizlist, you won't be able to get tickets,.

We have a big live show for SPECTRUM NOW in Sydney on MARCH 10 
and we're also going to have a REALLY REALLY GOOD FRIDAY 
at Arts Centre Melbourne's Concert Hall on March 25 - Good Friday.
And Brian Nankervis Introduces THE LAST WALTZ REVISITED 
at The Sydney Opera House on April 1 and 2

(click the links for tickets)

SBS are currently repeating some episodes on Saturday nights, 
we're building a new website
Brian's doing ABC radio on Fridays in Melbourne, 
and it's all looking good!!


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  2. why is the bass guy sound cut off? he seems like he is bullied by the guys in the front. poor chap. he needs to be HEARD, besides seating at the back of the class!!